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Where the body goes, the mind and heart will follow. 

Practicing YOGA allows us to first learn lessons in the physical body. With repetition our minds and hearts begin to learn those lessons as well. This way we can be who we mean to be.


WEDNESDAY | 9:15AM-10:15AM 

Remedy Flow

Join me to open and fill the body with breath and movement in this all level slow flowing class. Class is taught with music.

The Remedy—624 Ferry St. Martinez, CA 94553, Suite 200-upstairs

TUESDAY | 1:30PM-2:30PM 

Veterans Yoga

All Veterans and family members are welcome free of charge. Beginners are welcome. We provide mats and props. Come in comfortable clothes. Class is taught in English without music. Email if you have any questions.

Martinez VA—150 Muir Rd, Martinez, CA 94553 Building 22 room 120

TUESDAY | 3:00PM-4:00PM 

TBI/PTSD Clinic Yoga

This is a yoga class for people in the TBI/PTSD program. It's a closed class that is taught using trauma informed methods. The focus is on teaching students to connect to their bodies using breath and movement. Students experience better sleep, emotional regulation, decrease in pan, increase in ability to focus or concentrate, and many other benefits

Martinez VA—150 Muir Rd, Martinez, CA 94553

SUNDAY | 9:00AM-10:00AM

Veterans Yoga

This class is co-sponsored by the YMCA of Pleasant Hill and Returning Veterans of Diablo Valley (

Join us each Sunday in a class that teaches how to breather deeper, unwind your nervous system and relax a little bit more. In this class we build strength, stamina and develop balance. Through the practice of yoga we broaden our community and deepen connections.

Irvin Deutscher YMCA—350 Civic Dr, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523


Check the schedule at for upcoming workshops and Yoga Book Club as well

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